January favourites 2016

I've never done one of these before on my blog, but I found some treasures that I've been enjoying a lot for a while and I wanted to share with everyone.
There's some hair-care, skincare, nail-care and random stuff. 
Now, my hair looks quite healthy, it feels healthy, even though I wash it almost every day. Because of this, I like to use a very good shampoo, and what I mean by good, is, as much as possible,natural. I tried quite a few from boots that say they don't have all the nasty stuff in, however, my hair was still without volume and not much, but a bit would fall out. So I bought Jason's lavender shampoo and conditioner, and, oh my days, it has changed my hair completely. I mean, not even a strand of hair falling out, nice volume and the smells amazing. It's not expensive, you can get it online at naturisimo or at Whole Foods.

For my face I've been using Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturizer, it doesn't promise to do much, but it's so nice and comforting, light and hydrating, which I like a lot. In combination with this I've been using Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, it's lovely. 
I love painting my nails, sometimes too much and one day I realized that they were very dry, sometimes even peeling, I hate that! I found Opi Nail Envy, I bought it on amazon, as it's cheaper then boots, but it's great, I use it as a base coat or sometimes just on its own. 
Now for random picks, my all time favorite yogurt, it's the honey one from Yeo Valley, it's creamy, delicious and I love it with granola or just with a tablespoon or milled flax seed. Many times I eat it as desert. you can get it in Waitrose and its always on offer.

Definitely this year is the year of planning, organizing and routine. I'm very happy with myself so far. I've always wanted to be one of those people that had a planner. But I don't have such a busy week, that I can't remember what I need to do, so I thought, well, I can still plan something. My friend gave a prayer diary daily planner and it's been so helpful, but the one I wanted to share with you it's called, Life Planner, by Jennifer Percival. I've only order it a couple weeks ago, but it's amazing. I bought it on amazon, wasn't very easy to find, but I do think it's an amazing challenge, I can say. It's not a daily planner and you don't have to fill it in a particular order. I am planning to do a full review of it in a couple months.
And last but not least is my hot water bottle from boots! Honestly this is the best hot water bottle that exists, its big, soft cover and it stays hot for 8-10 hours!!! perfect for these cold British nights!
And here we are, these are some of the things I've been loving in January. I hope you had a lovely first month of 2016. 
Stay strong and love God,