How to knit a Triangle Scarf

I've seen these Caron cakes everywhere and was very excited to get some colours and start some projects with them. So I went ahead and ordered a few, and the first think I've made was a triangle scarf, knitted in a garter stitch with kfb increases and k2tog decreases. 

The colour I used for this project is called cookies and cream, ain't that cute?!

This is the finished shawl, I've added two Pom-poms on the corners and I think it looks amazing! 

It was very simple to knit, I followed the instructions of the pattern that came with the yarn and voila, in no time, I had this beautiful, soft shawl or scarf, however you want to call it! 
I have a video tutorial for this scarf on my YouTube channel, have a look and let me know how you get on! 
Happy knitting!