Sea Salt Scrub

This is the easiest scrub, you just throw it all together in a cute jar and mix it up. It's very good for your skin, you can make it smell however you like and on top of that, it's CHEAP!!!
Here's what you need:
A cute jar or any container you'd like
A small spatula or even an ice cream stick (that's what I used, as it's small)
Sea salt (you can find it in debenhams for very ceap) 
2-3 tbs of almond oil
Your favourite shower or bath cream (this is just to hold it together better and make it stick) 
Fill the jar three quarters up with the sea salt, add the almond oil  and the shower cream, a little at the time. Don't add to much, you don't want it to be runny. 
You're done! Now jump in the bath and scrub scrub scrub....enjoy!