How to make a simple envelope cushion cover

What you'll need:
- 3 pieces of nice heavy cotton (19x19 inches square, 19x13 inches rectangle, 19x14 inches rectangle)
- sewing machine ( or you could sew it by hand using the back stitch, that's what I did)
- of course you need scissors, needle and thread ;)

Step one is to go to your favourite fabric shop and buy some fabric, or, you can buy plain cotton and print it yourself. I chose plain natural color heavy cotton and printed it with red fabric paint using wood stamps

Step two is to cut the fabric to the measurement, my cushion is 18x18 inches, but just measure your cushion and add one inch, coz you'll be sewing it in. You'll have one square and two rectangles. Something like this:

For step three you have to do a bit of ironing and sewing, so you take both rectangles, iron them we'll and fold each19 inch side inside, twice (hope you know what I mean ;)), then you can stitch, sew using a machine or sew by hand to secure those two folds. When you're done, press with the iron again to make it look neat. :)

Step four and the final one is to place your nice ironed square with the print up, then place the two rectangles on top, with the print facing down, this time, you can pin them together in place and you're ready to sew it together. 

When you're done, turn it inside out and ... you're masterpiece is ready for the final iron. 
You can decorate it with buttons, you can stitch it on the edges or you can just leave it as it is. 
There you go, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Love this. Might ahve to get some stamps and fabric paint and have a go myself, Abs

  2. Teo, this is wonderful! :) Love, Kristine V.


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