Springlicious nails

My love for nail polish is still strong, even stronger in the spring. And when you can get delicious smellin' nail on top of gorgeous colors, I'm in!
So, I went into the biggest boots in London and I found them, oh, they are all so beautiful! 
Of course the first thing I've done was to open one and smell it, but of course, it only smelled like regular nail polish. The secret is that it starts smelling only after you apply it. 
I only decided on two shades, lavender soap and apricot nectar. To be honest, I went for the colors, but they smell awesome. 

This is Lavender soap, it's a fresh lilac color, very pale and it has a tiny bit if light reflecting in, it's beautiful. It is a pain to apply, first layer is quite striky, I needed three coats, but when I was done, waw. 

Just simple, but beautiful. I think it's a very cute color for spring and it smells like clean fresh laundry, which I love! 

Apricot nectar is my favorite. For some reason I never liked orange color or any orangy shades, but this spring, yes! I've got a couple orange things now and this nail Polish was a must. :) 
It smells exactly like the name, apricot nectar, fresh, straight from the apricot tree to your glass. 
It's not that easy to apply either, I believe Revlon couldn't done better with a bigger brush. But it's the price you've gotta pay of u want beautiful smellin' nails. 
This shade it's a creamy light orangy, even coral orange, if I may. But it's wonderful! It needed three coats, too, however, once I was done, bam!
The scent last for a day or two, however, if you put a top coat, once it's dry, the scent it's faint. 
All in all, I would repurchase both shades again, I love them and even if it's a bit of a pain to apply, it's worth it.