Spotty tee ~ DIY

Are you bored of a plain white t shirt or just feel in the DIY mood? Here's how you can make a spotty tshirt at home, very simple and fun. 
You will need: 
A plain white t shirt (or any other color)
Some fabric paint, I used turquoise blue by Colorcraft C&A Ltd
An eraser pen or a round sponge brush 
A washing up sponge 
And something to put in your t shirt so you don't end up with paint on the back side

Lay the t shirt down on your table and start printing from the bottom up, you can make whatever design you'd like. Keep printing and have fun!

Remember to follow the fabric paint instructions. Mine need ironing when it's dry and can be washed on 30-40 degrees. 

You can print on both sides, but I decided to print mine only on the front and the sleeves. 

Hope you like it, if you decide to make something like this, please send me pictures or use #teosbitsandpieces

Have a lovely Sunday,