Avene skin recovery cream

I've been using this cream for so long and just realized that people don't really talk about it in the blogging world. 

The reason why I bought this cream is that, my skin is very sensitive, dry and it gets red very quickly. Specially after I have a shower, I think the hot water, makes my face red, just a few big spots of redness. Initially I thought it was maybe the shampoo dripping down when I wash my hair, so I switched to a natural shampoo from lush, now, don't get me wrong, I like the shampoo bars from lush, however, that didn't help my skin. 

I went shopping for a remedy, first I looked at La Roche-Posay stand, but then I decided to ask for help and the lady suggested I should try the Avene skin recovery cream. Oh yeah!!!! 

It's the best think that happened to my skin, it's a simple unscented white cream, very light, very calming. It's designed for naturally sensitive skin, fair, thin, prone to redness, or skin that has become sensitized due to climatic changes, excessive cleansing, drying cosmetics. 

It absorbs in the skin quickly and calms irritation and redness very quick, too. It restores the skin's protective barrier so your skin retains it's moisture better. 

I highly recommend it if you have problematic or irritated skin. It's not very expensive, you can get it in Boots for 12.5£ or online. It's worth every pence!