Let's talk about SOCK knitting

Socks are by far my favorite thing to knit, all kind, all colors, all sizes and all designs!

Yes, socks are amazing, perfect for winter and very easy to knit.

If you're a beginner knitter, you could do the DPNs cuff down socks (the pink ones), then you could move on to toe up (the orange ones), short rows (the purple), provisional cast on (the blue ones) and so on.

 There are thousands of free patterns online, lots and lots of video tutorials on YouTube and a lot of fancy photographs on pinterest.
These blue socks with pink heel and toe, I've  knitted in Rowan worsted, finishing them with a picot 1X1 rib cuff
1. What is my favorite way to knit socks? 
I don't have a particular pattern that I use over and over again, but I knit most of my socks two at a time toe up with short rows heel and tow, starting with provisional cast on, here is a link to my video.

2. What are my favorite needles for knitting socks?
My all time favorite needles are the knit pro/knitter's pride, i use the 4,5 mm circular ones to knit my worsted weight yarn socks, they are amazing, perfect sharp tip for complicated stitches, very smooth surface for the yarn to slide on. Love them!

3. What is my favorite yarn to use for socks?
This is definitely Rowan Super-wash Worsted, it knits beautifully, the stitches look very nice and it's machine washable. This yarn is also good value for money, it comes in 100g skeins and most times i can make a pair from 1 skein.

What is your favorite way to knit socks, what about needles and yarn? do let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to learn to knit cuff down socks, I have a playlist if video tutorials, link is here.

Have a lovely day,